The Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Service was established to provide support to clients who may be experiencing difficulties in relation to driving. The service provides Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments to adult clients with injuries or illnesses that impact on their ability to drive.

The Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation Service can assist clients with a range of medical conditions including:

  • Dementia
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal injury, paraplegia, quadriplegia
  • Neurological Injury e.g. Stroke
  • Physical injury e.g. amputation
  • Mental Health conditions, anxiety, psychosis
  • Congenital Conditions e.g. dwarfism, cerebral palsy

Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments are conducted by Occupational Therapists who have successfully completed post graduate training in Driving Assessment and who are registered with the Roads and Maritime services (RMS). Drivers with commercial driving licences may also be referred.